Entry #1

I Have a Facebook Artist Page!

2015-06-03 22:42:13 by GirlGregg

Hello everyone! I just wanted to announce that I have created a Facebook Artist page. Similar to my Tumblr, I will be posting updates and work from my sketchbook that usually doesn't make it onto Newgrounds. You can check it out here: https://www.facebook.com/girlgreggarts

And remember to like the page to get my sketchbook updates! 

Thanks and Lots of Love,



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2015-06-04 01:20:39

:3 heh nice, i really like the mabel pines doodle you posted! so it'll be more of like a daily update kind of thing yes? gonna go like it here in a sec :> would you do me the honor of subbing to me on YouTube? www.youtube.com/saucybird

GirlGregg responds:

As of right now I'm posting as much and as often as I can with the goal being daily updates, including WIP and sketches.

Thanks for liking and I will definitely check out your channel and work! I'm glad you liked the Mabel Doodle. I'm sure there will be more since she is my favorite!

- GG